In the world of business, disputes arise.  Contract obligations are not always fulfilled.  Promises are not always kept.  Goods are not delivered or are not of the quality that was expected.  Rights and relationships are interfered with inappropriately.  When the failure to meet these legitimate business obligations results in substantial economic harm, the only remedy may be to seek redress in the courts.  Or, when others seek those remedies, you may need to respond to defend your own rights and your own economic interests.

Our litigation and trial experience has sometimes proven to be of value to those in the business world who find themselves facing litigation.  We have represented clients in the litigation phase of business breakups, insurance coverage cases, real estate commission disputes, business fraud cases, wrongful termination claims, and other business litigation.

If you find yourself or your business in need of litigation counsel, call us.  We will talk.  If we can help, we will.  There is no charge for an initial discussion of the matter.  Fee arrangements can be flexible and may be designed specifically to match the circumstances of yourcase.  Let us put our experience to work for you.